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We lend to public school teachers who support hands-on learning styles, who value our services, who are willing to pickup and return the equipment at our south Los Angeles location (2606 W. 54th St. Los Angeles 90043), and who can sign a hold-harmless agreement attesting to their own expertise and ability to lead students in the safe usage of the equipment.

Teachers also need to treat us very nicely, please.

For each one-month loan of equipment, we would like to charge the school 15% of the retail price of the equipment. Schools who cannot afford this rental price should still talk to us; maybe we can work something out.

Computers/Peripherals Inventory:

Portable 3d Printer

We have one Bukito 3d printer, from the Kickstarter by Deezmaker. Glen assembled it at the Deezmaker store in Pasadena.

This device prints in PLA and nylon using 1.75-mm filament; here is a link to the inventors' specifications.

Would you like to borrow it, to have a few of your students see their own designs printing? Please let us know, and please try to find your own filament to use (until the day when we find the funding to provide you with filament ourselves).

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We lend old desktops to needy classrooms for long-term loans. By "old" we mean something like Pentium 4, one to three GB RAM, running Ubuntu Linux or (more rarely) Windows XP. By "long-term loans" we mean that when the computer dies or is no longer needed, we want it back for parts and proper disposal.

Our stock of these oldies varies. The bottleneck is Glen's time: he's the only one fixing the discards and donations right now, and all these desktops are discards and donations. Contact us to inquire about current stock, if your classroom is in need.

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LCD projector

We offer one LCD projector for a teacher to use. It's an old model, an Epson Powerlite S1+. Borrow it for a few weeks, just until your school gets one for your own classroom.

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We've collected a few printers from various sources, including the street. Borrow or rent one for a few weeks, when you need additional printing capability in your classroom.

  • Epson Stylus R200
  • HP Photosmart 8150
  • HP Deskjet 5150

We can provide toner too, in some cases (see the toner section below).

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Printer Toner

We've collected a few unused toner cartridges from schools that no longer use or have the associated printers. Maybe your school can use what others have discarded. Here is a list. Contact us if you'd like to come pick one of these up from us, at no charge if you are a public school science or math teacher.

  • HP: 13X 92A 78 93 93 29 51604A 92A 45 45 51629A 97 96 9697 29 78 69361W 51604A 51605B 45 45 78 901XL
  • EPSON: 48 05303
  • APPLE: M1960A M1960A
  • CANON: 220 220 221M 221C 221Y

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