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Owl Pellets for Sale!

We are a dealer (LAUSD vendor number 1000011276) for OBDK-brand barn owl pellets sourced from southwestern states including California. The pellets are wrapped in foil and sterilized, and the size is small, just right for total engagement of 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade scientists. Our pellets come in bags of 10, with one guide booklet and ten wooden probes included in each bag. Price per bag of 10 owl pellets: $12.90 plus tax (about $15 total)

Each owl pellet contains the compacted remains of prey animals: only the parts that the owl could not digest. Your students are likely to find more than one rodent skull, and a variety of prey bones and teeth in their pellet. The work of dissecting the pellet draws heavily on fine motor skills, and the work of classifying the bones requires close attention to minute details.

We encourage you to use the virtual owl pellet dissection tool, too, as a fun way to introduce your students to the owl pellet dissection work. Here is a link to the virtual dissection tool: Virtual Owl Pellet Dissection by OBDK

A reliable source for detailed information about barn owls is the University of Michigan kids' site, and here is a link: BioKIDS page on Barn Owls

Price per bag of 10 owl pellets: $12.90 plus tax (about $14.06 total)

We are LAUSD vendor number 1000011276.

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