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Technical Support for Your Labs and Projects

In November of 2013, we began sending college volunteers to nearby charter schools just to assist students with hands-on lab actitivies. These are occasional volunteers, giving technical support to classes that would otherwise have great difficulty in completing hands-on lab experiments. Our first date was November 14, at Magnolia Science Academy #4.

Volunteer assisting students at work Closer shot of student at work on chemistry experiment
Students recording their observations

The UCLA chapter of the Alpha Chi Sigma chemistry society provided two knowledgeable volunteers, and LESS provided the lab materials. Ms. Merz, new science teacher at MSA-4, made our offerings work for her students and supervised the whole thing.

These are chemistry students, using reagents to create and observe chemical reactions for themselves. Such experiments give the students a hands-on context to engage and cement their learning processes.

If you have a project or lab like this, which you need help setting up, supporting, or even supplying, please contact us!