Our Mission

We  enjoy learning. We want to discover how things work, to find the deep beauties of the universe, and to use these knowledge to do fun, funny, unusual things.
We believe that  you do, too.

The way we like to learn unusual things is by using science lab tools to try out strange ideas.

We like to share our tools with interested and curious people, by lending them to science teachers for a fee. Want to borrow some?

Technical staff

If you work with us, probably these are the people whom you will see.
We three have been in this business, serving science teachers, for ten years.

Glen “Bubba” Chung

Technical Boss

I’m Bubba. I write the website content, and I’m in charge of the day-to-day operations around here. For a living, I teach chemistry part-time at a local community college. I used to teach middle school science.

Neyda Muyus


In addition to doing technical support,  Neyda is the idea-generator around here. It was her idea to revamp our website, her idea to get LESS T-shirts, and so on.  Neyda is certified in middle and high school laboratory safety
techniques and procedures, by Flinn Scientific. 

Ilse Valerio


In addition to doing technical support, Ilse is the organizing mind around here, a master of creating order in our stores of otherwise random lab equipment and supplies. Ilse is certified in middle and high school laboratory safety
techniques and procedures, by Flinn Scientific.

Board of Directors

These are all volunteers, except for Bubba. You probably will not see these folks, but they have made our non-profit organization possible.


Dr. Nealy’s PhD is in chemistry education. She is an innovative and polished chemistry professor at Compton College. 


Dr. Arellano’s EdD is in organizational leadership. He is the Director of Training at the California Federation of Teachers. 


Bubba started LESS in 2010, and incorporated it into a non-profit organization in 2012, with the help of these other directors.