Our Mission

We make students smarter by empowering their science teachers (you) to roll out the hands-on lab activities that they (you) hear about, read about, and dream up by themselves (yourselves).

Technical staff

If you work with us, probably these are the people whom you will see.
We three have been in this business, serving science teachers, for ten years.


Glen “Bubba” Chung

Technical Boss

I’m Bubba. I write the website content, and I’m in charge of the day-to-day operations around here. For a living, I teach chemistry part-time at local community colleges.  I used to teach middle school science and high school chemistry.


Neyda Muyus


In addition to doing technical support,  Neyda is the idea-generator around here. It was her idea to revamp our website, her idea to get LESS T-shirts, and so on.  Neyda is certified in middle and high school laboratory safety techniques and procedures, by Flinn Scientific. 


Ilse Valerio


In addition to doing technical support, Ilse is the organizing mind around here, a master of creating order in our stores of otherwise random lab equipment and supplies. Ilse is certified in middle and high school laboratory safety techniques and procedures, by Flinn Scientific.

Angel Reyes


Angel is a mechanical engineering student and our de facto handyman when he has some free time. He’s the one who put our experimental solar panels on the roof, and when we need to move large equipment we call him first (he drives a really nice truck).

Yajaira Heredia


Yajaira joins us in technical work, but she is also a professional behaviorist for other organizations. After this pandemic wears off, we’d like to send her to your science class, for technical support of your students.

Laura Jaramillo


Laura is a child-development student, and in her spare time she helps us with assembling the  customized science kits that we lend to science teachers.   A lot of the pre-delivery testing of materials goes through Laura, so if you have detailed questions about your kit, we can put you in touch with her!

Bubblegum Snakey

King snake

We have added Snakey to our staff, for when teachers ask us to bring in a reptile for observation of scales. Mr. Snakey here is old, and he’s blind, but he’s very nice. When he was a baby, he was pink and that’s why his first name is “Bubblegum.” When we visit your classroom with Snakey, we also bring hand sanitizer, which is required for everybody after touching him.

Work-Study Staff

These are local college students. They are giving us specialized technical support in their respective fields of study, via federal work-study grants.

Victoria Sanchez

Work-Study Technician

Victoria is a civil engineering student at UCLA. She does a wide variety of tasks for us, and we really benefit from her major-related skills; for example, she designed and built a bunch of model houses for a fifth-grade environmental science experiment 

Jenny Martinez

Work-Study Technician

Jenny is a geological engineering student at UCLA.  She does a wide variety of tasks for us, and we really benefit from her major-related skills; for example, she is classifying and sorting our great rock collection, full of excellent, fist-sized samples for students to inspect.

Castrejon Martinez

Work-Study Technician

Castrejon is a physics student at  UCLA. She is testing and adapting a set of general college physics laboratory exercises for use by high school and middle school students. These exercises use an Arduino-compatible microcontroller board and the Python programming language.  

Board of Directors

These are all volunteers, except for Bubba. You probably will not see these folks, but they have made our non-profit organization possible.


Dr. Schetema Nealy


Dr. Nealy’s PhD is in chemistry education. She is an innovative and polished chemistry professor at Compton College. 


Dr. Christopher Arellano


Dr. Arellano’s EdD is in organizational leadership. He is Executive Director at Tri-City Educators, in Norwalk. 


Glen “Bubba” Chung


Bubba started LESS in 2010, and incorporated it into a non-profit organization in 2012, with the help of these other directors.