Here are some types of equipment that we love to lend

Fancy tools

Vernier and Pasco devices are very convenient for middle and high school science, but quite costly up front.  So are microscopes and digital microscopes.  So are electronic balances.  Of course you want to wrangle the funding to acquire your own fancy stuff; but in the meantime, rent or borrow from us and put your class to hands-on work!

Ordinary tools

Of course, we also deal in test tubes, dropper bottles, pipets, burets, beakers, and other lab necessities that big schools probably already have, but that young charter schools might lack (for now).  There’s more, much more:

Thermometers, electric hot plates, magnetic stirrers.

Magnets, magnetic compasses, iron filings.

Plastic model human eyes with removable parts, simulated contagion powder (visible under blacklight)

Safety glasses, safety goggles, lab aprons, lab coats.

Melting point machines, spectrophotometers, centrifuges.

Dissection kits, dissection trays, magnifying lenses.

Metersticks, measuring tape, marbles, cars, tracks, stopwatches.

Lenses, laser pointers, blacklights.

Tuning forks, Slinky-type springs, electronic tone producers (Vernier Labquest2).

Balloon hand-pumps, balloon foot pumps (bellows).

van de Graaff generators, one static wand.

Digital multimeters, soldering irons, mini hot glue guns

Rock samples, coal samples, crude oil samples.

You can rent or borrow (not buy) these items from us.