Setup and cleanup of apparatus

One barrier to your most awesome science lesson ideas might be the prep time.  Some experiments require a lot of labor to prepare and then to dismantle.  We are technicians, and we can take care of that backstage work for you.

Can you find the live cricket in the small, close-up photo?  A science teacher like you asked us to build these bio bottles to her specifications, in sufficient quantity to allow all of her students to make their observations at the same time.

In-class technical assistance

Sometimes, the materials in an experiment are fiddly, or the equipment is unfamiliar and complicated.  If our availability matches your class schedule, then we can go into your classroom to help your students with such technical aspects.  Please note that we go in for technical support only; we do not teach, and we do not provide supervision.  That’s all you.

And although no one has asked for this next thing from us yet, we suspect that it may be coming:  we can also provide programming and hardware support for your science and robotics lab work that use Arduino sketches or Raspberry-Pi programs in Python.

Ah, did you miss our contact info?  We’re staff [at] learnmorewithless [dot] org , or 905 4667 in the 323 area code, located at 6110 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles.

in class tech supportarduino creative commons photo

shoe friction

Hands-on lesson ideas by topic

How about when you’d like to add a hands-on component to an existing science lesson, but you’re not sure how to make the topic hands-on?  We can help there, too.  We’ll match your topic to a published lab activity or help you to come up with something brand-new that we can supply.  NGSS-aligned, of course.

We’re open to your suggestions and needs

Our goal is to increase the frequency and quality of hands-on science work that you do with your students.  We want you and them to have great experiences in science!  How else can we assist you toward this goal?  As a small, non-profit organization we are very flexible and agile.  Let’s talk!