Victoria is building model houses for our grant-funded marine science work

handmade model house

We won a grant last year, to take science classes out to a local pond or other water body, to collect plankton there, to observe the plankton under a microscope, to discuss the role of plankton in general in global ecology, to discuss the effects of urban runoff on that plankton, and to handmake models of urban runoff mitigation tools such as rain chains and rain barrels.  

For the last part of that work, we need model houses upon which we will pour water.  Students will test their runoff mitigation crafts on these model houses.

But where would we find model houses?  Victoria is making them for us.  Oh, you don’t know Victoria?  She is a a civil engineering student at UCLA who is helping us via her school’s federal work-study program.  Fancy, eh?

Oh, I have just remembered.  I forgot to water-test the prototype.  I’d better get on that, before Victoria finishes production!






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