The NASA MINDS progam ran again this year, 2023, and Santa Monica College entered with a […]
In 2022, a group of students at Santa Monica College formed a team for a NASA-funded […]
Some items shown in the photo are borrowed from us, and some items are owned by […]
Last year, we had a grant from the state coastal commission to run field trips to […]
Arete Preparatory School has very small class sizes, so we were able to do home deliveries!  The labor […]
natural asphalt
We buy beautiful rock samples collected and curated by RC de Mordaigle, an active and roaming […]
handmade model house
We won a grant last year, to take science classes out to a local pond or […]
Tooby Designs Newton's Cradle
Our public school customers are online-only during the pandemic, so we are using this time to […]